About Us

Bristol Banners Netball Club was formed 17 years ago by a group of school mothers following a Parent V Teachers Netball Match. Originally forming a team called the Warmley Wildcats they began regularly training and playing matches. A year after formation they entered a team into the Avon League starting in Division 11. 

 Over the past 15 years there have been changes to the team but some of the original players are still members. Although they have faced many challenges over the years they have remained a committed, competitive and friendly team and have trained on the same ground, on the same evening for the past 15 years, come rain and shine, and continue to do so. 

 Currently the Bristol Banners Netball team are in Division 7 of the Avon League but they are continuing to grow and now have 2 Qualified C Award Umpires and a committed coach who is improving the fitness level and game play throughout the team. As runner-ups of Division 8 in the 2015/16 Season they are now aiming on gaining promotion to the next Division during the 2016/17 season. 

The team is proudly sponsored by Bristol Banners and Signs, a local sign company. 

 They continue to look for new players to become part of their future- to join please visit Contact Us.
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